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Altabak (Cooking) Spices

Due to the local Bazaar requirements, as well as backing the female chef and housewives, we all need an excellent spices for cooking that is able to meet the people's needs. Altabak Spices has developed the cookers, the test of the foods as well as expanded its products through the markets, it decorated the store's shelves, kitchens and restaurants, and by its proper price and quality it has gained a good reputation; it has granted the foods an incredible flavor. Pick out Altabak Spices and taste the best. Today Altabak Spices has the first position between the other competitors. It's Best quality and taste has been approved through different tastes in comparing to the other products. We, Tabak Spices suppliers try and insist on providing the finest products and we will relay on best experts and the art of cooking. We make contract with the qualified factories to wrap our products that will protect and keep the spices intact with the qualified supervision.

Al-Tabakh Baharat Iraq - Kirkuk

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